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Yacht Consult Westport 112

Pre-Purchase Yacht Consultation: Westport 112′ Motoryacht

Becket & Company just completed a pre-purchase yacht consultation for one of our long-term clients who owned a Hinckley Talaria 40. We organized and managed the survey and sea trial process of a Westport 112′ Motoryacht he decided to purchase.

Our yacht consulting work included:

  • Recommending hull, engine and electrical systems surveyors
  • Representing the buyer throughout survey, sea trial and conditional acceptance
  • Working with listing and selling brokers to address items on surveyors list and expedite closing for our customer\Recommending an insurance broker and advising the owner on coverage necessary
  • Interviewing potential captains with the buyer and carrying out necessary due diligence (background checks etc) on the candidates.
  • Working with brokerage house to organize trade of Hinckley in the deal and transfer of the boat’s ownership to brokerage house at closing
  • Facilitating the Hinckley’s survey for brokerage house
  • Organizing the placement of funds in escrow to complete previously requested winter work on the Hinckley prior to the Westport purchase