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Fuel Tank Refit

2000 Hinckley® Picnic Boat Fuel Tank Refit & Bottom Job

This Classic Picnic Boat suffered from leaking fuel tanks. This can be a common occurrence with original equipment (2000) aluminum tanks. Moisture inside the tanks on the tank walls can corrode the weld points of the tank and cause the tank to fail from the inside out.

Fuel Tank Refit Process:

  • In order to access the fuel tanks, the engine must be removed, along with engine bay bulkheads and stringers. Once the stringers are cut out, the old tanks can be slid out of place. They are then replaced with plastic tanks. New stringers are then bedded in place, new bulkheads fabricated and installed, and the engine bay receives a fresh coat of gelcoat. We also took the opportunity of having the engine out of the boat to address all signs of corrosion and clean and protect all areas that would otherwise be extremely difficult to access.

Additional work managed:

  • The bottom was in rough condition and had never been stripped. Paint adhered poorly, there was extensive chipping, and heavy build up. The bottom was soda blasted, sanded, primed, and two coats of Micron CSC ablative bottom paint were applied.
  • The varnish was also in poor condition due to lack of attention over just one season. Heavy sanding was required along with the build up of four coats.