With Becket and Co. yacht management services, you can stop juggling your boat’s service, repairs, and seasonal maintenance. Let us remove the stress and worry involved with yacht ownership and enable you to do what you really enjoy: boating.

Yacht Management Personalized New York Yacht Management

Personalized New York Yacht Management

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Few cities in the world are as magical as New York, and sailing into the New York Harbour is one of the greatest experiences on earth. To the backdrop of the world-famous and iconic Statute of Liberty, the area is a feast for sailors with some excellent facilities in the vicinity.

But with so many boat yards to choose from in the area, it might be hard to pinpoint the personal service that you are after for your prized yacht, which is where we at Becket and Co. come in.

Becket and Co. offers a first class Remote Management Yacht Service that extends to the New York area and will provide round the clock management of your vessel by a dedicated team of experts.

Our company, founded in 2009 in the sailing capital of Newport, is an organization of certified professional yacht managers with years of experience of representing yacht owners all along the East Coast of the United States. Currently responsible for the management of more than 30 boats including powerboats built by Hinckley and Hunt, our Remote Management Yacht Service is here to help owners further afield.

The service will provide yacht owners with a certified yacht professional who will come to meet you in person in New York, and design a tailor-made package.

After an initial consultation, the highly qualified yacht expert will go through the steps we propose to keep your yacht in ship shape. He will also explain to the personnel in your local boat yard how best to look after your particular boat.

Our management team, will oversee any work required on your yacht and will also personally remotely monitor the vessel at regular intervals throughout the year.

If you feel as though you and your family would benefit from some on-the-water training, we can also arrange some expert tuition from your boat yard.

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