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Mildew is an Unsightly Mess, and Can Indicate Other Problems

This past summer we spent several hours cleaning a customer’s yacht that was suffering from a bad case of mildew throughout the bilges and some compartments in the pilothouse. When we returned to the boat the following week, we were surprised to find much of the mildew returned.

Even an extended period of rain would not cause this much damage without an additional catalyst. While inspecting the bilge, our technician heard the sound of dripping water and followed the sound to the starboard deck, where a hose connected to the half-inch diameter drain had come loose. As the deck shed water through the drain, water was dripping down the inside of the hull and dispersing into the bilge, creating a wet environment ideal for mildew. Our technician reattached the hose and added a more robust hose clamp, and repeated the process on the port side.

Water can enter a boat in a number of ways, sometimes through unlikely avenues. Explore every inch of your yacht to avoid unpleasant smells and maintain a clean – and safe – environment.