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Engine Room

A Well-Maintained Engine Room Means Fast Problem Solving

Maintaining a clean, dry, and corrosion-free engine room ensures a better environment for the components that reside there, but also enables you to quickly identify any problems.

While aboard a customer’s yacht last summer, we found a bit of water directly beneath the port engine. Since the area was always wiped down and thoroughly dry, this ingress of water immediately stood out as a problem. A quick taste of the water (proving it to be sea water), confirmed our suspicion that the port engine’s raw water pump (which cools the engine) was leaking and pumping sea water into the engine room bilge. We quickly identified the raw water pump needed to be fixed, and avoided overheating the engine and bathing it in corrosion-inducing seawater.

When you keep your yacht’s engine room clean with thorough wash downs, and always attack rust with primer and paint, you’ll also be able to quickly identify any potential problems.