With Becket and Co. yacht management services, you can stop juggling your boat’s service, repairs, and seasonal maintenance. Let us remove the stress and worry involved with yacht ownership and enable you to do what you really enjoy: boating.


New Electronics Empower you to Make Smart Choices

Proactively keeping your electronics current keeps you safe on the water and helps you avoid in-season down time should an older component fail. Many older units from manufacturers such as Northstar® and Raymarine® are no longer supported. While they may still function properly, if they fail they can’t be repaired and parts are unavailable – which could quickly disrupt your boating season.

Last spring, we oversaw the installation of Sirius® satellite weather and an Automatic Identification System (AIS) on one of our customer’s yachts. A few weeks later when the family was out on the water, they were able to avoid a major thunderstorm because they could watch its progress in real time on their chartplotter. AIS, formerly only available on large commercial ships, allows them to obtain information on vessels within their vicinity, conveniently displayed on their chartplotter – which is particularly helpful at night.