With Becket and Co. yacht management services, you can stop juggling your boat’s service, repairs, and seasonal maintenance. Let us remove the stress and worry involved with yacht ownership and enable you to do what you really enjoy: boating.

Cost Cutting

Short-Term Cost Cutting Always Yields Greater Expenses Later

“I can probably get one more season out of it, don’t you think? The varnish was just done last year!”

One of our customers asked this question two years ago when we supplied him with our list of annual maintenance recommendations to pass on to the boatyard his yacht would be stored at for the winter. Thinking he was saving money, he launched his boat the following spring without the needed annual varnish. By the end of the season, the toerails had “burn through” bare spots, and the varnish was crazing and flaking on the eyebrow and grabrails.

Exterior varnished areas that are constantly exposed to sun need varnish every season – two maintenance coats at a minimum. You may be enticed to dodge a recurring expense, but when you see varnish flaking away from your toerails, leaving bare teak that will soon turn black, you invite repairs that will be exponentially more costly than balanced, yearly service.