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Boat Speeds

Slower Speeds May Mean Out-of-Spec Components

While delivering a client’s Hinckley Talaria 40’ to the boat yard for end-of-season service, we noticed the boat was not traveling as quickly as expected. After hauling the boat, we confirmed the bottom and trim tabs were free of growth and the waterjet impellers and shafts were not covered with barnacles.

We knew our client’s boat frequently nudges onto sandy beaches to pick up guests – and ultimately this proved to be the key to solving the problem. While the waterjets are designed to process large volumes of sand, the blades on the jets’ impellers can, over a period of hundreds of hours, fall out of the tolerance specifications required for optimal use. When the jets were disassembled for service, both impellers were indeed out of spec – contributing to slower speeds and causing the boat to burn more fuel.

The impellers were sent to the manufacturer and returned to the proper specification. After re-launch, we experienced proper speed figures and a decrease in fuel consumption. Sharing the details of your boating habits with your boat yard or yacht manager can help them better diagnose any problems that arise.