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Below Waterline

Work Below the Waterline Helps Keep your Yacht Up to Speed

During a recent inspection of a new customer’s yacht, we discovered that the boat’s bottom had not been properly maintained – for years – which limited the yacht’s performance and shortened the life of each additional coat of paint.

Over the years, coat after coat of bottom paint had built up on the boat’s hull. To make matters worse, without a consistent maintenance plan in place, different types of bottom paint were used from one year to the next, causing the paint to not adhere to the surface properly and flake off.

Even when the same paint is used consistently, some flaking can still occur. It is important to make certain that flaking surfaces are sanded and primed each year before any paint is applied. If your yacht’s bottom has excessive paint build-up and poor adhesion throughout, a complete soda blast is the most efficient and best solution for long term performance. Soda blasting allows you to start with a clean slate and removes hundreds of pounds bottom paint.