With Becket and Co. yacht management services, you can stop juggling your boat’s service, repairs, and seasonal maintenance. Let us remove the stress and worry involved with yacht ownership and enable you to do what you really enjoy: boating.

Yacht Management Knowledge Yacht Services – Boat Management Information to Improve Your Boating Experience

Yacht Services – Boat Management Information to Improve Your Boating Experience

5 Steps to Take When Choosing a Boat Yard for a New Build or Yacht Refit

These steps will help ensure you have the right team of people working on your yacht.

Mildew and Your Yacht

Water can enter a boat in a number of ways, sometimes through unlikely avenues.

Maintaining Your Yacht’s Engine Room

A well-maintained engine room not only keeps your yacht in turnkey condition, it can be essential to solving other problems.

Flush Your Yacht’s Systems Consistently

Consistently flushing your yacht’s systems enables you to stay cool on the hottest of days.

Expect the Unexpected: Always Go Behind the Scenes

When was the last time your yacht’s seacocks were exercised?

Benefits of Upgrading Your Yacht’s Electronics

Upgrading your yacht with the latest electronics isn’t just about keeping up with the Jones’ – it also empowers you to make better, more informed choices.

Practice for Emergencies

Going through the step-by-step motions of what to do in an emergency will help you to make composed decisions under pressure in the future.

Avoid Short-Term Cost Cutting

Learn why short-term cost cutting on your yacht’s maintenance always yields bigger costs in the long run.

If Your Yacht is Traveling at Slower-than-Normal Speeds

Working with an experienced boat yard can help you resolve why your yacht may be traveling at slower than normal speeds.

Maintaining Your Yacht Below the Waterline

Learn why it’s critical not only to paint your yacht’s bottom, but to use the same paint every year.