With Becket and Co. yacht management services, you can stop juggling your boat’s service, repairs, and seasonal maintenance. Let us remove the stress and worry involved with yacht ownership and enable you to do what you really enjoy: boating.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much are your services?

Every boat and project is different. Becket and Co. custom tailors our fees to each customer and boat. Our rates are based on the size and location of your yacht, the complexity of your project (new builds or refits) and the services you require. Where to begin? Give us a call at 888.605.4426 or complete our online quote form.

My boat yard seems to do a good enough job minding my boat. What value will you add?

Every boat yard minds watching. Yards are always under pressure to do more with less, and with that can come overworked personnel. We make sure every single detail is addressed, and that you, the customer, get exactly what you pay for. Estimates negotiated months ago may not be reflected in the latest bill, not by willful omission, but simply due to human error.

Moreover, our years of experience in the marine industry enable us to know how long various jobs take. We can negotiate effectively on your behalf, and ensure your money is spent efficiently. Our clients commonly get a return on our fees in the form of better terms for their projects. When Becket and Co. manages your yacht, you can be confident you receive the exact care your yacht requires, at the price you negotiated, on the appropriate schedule. For more information, please see our seasonal yacht management packages.

My boat is in a remote location far away from your East Coast offices. How can you help?

If your boat is located in a rural area or in a location where good service is hard to come by, our “remote assistance” yacht management plan is the plan for you. We will send a Becket and Co. representative, skilled in the intricacies of your particular yacht, to your location to bring your local service yard up to speed on the unique nature of your vessel. We’ll supervise work, establish a routine maintenance program, and then remotely monitor the vessel going forward. We can also provide you and your family with on-the-water training or retraining so you can confidently operate your yacht.

I’d like to reduce the impact that my boat has on the environment. Can you help?

Some of our customers use water-based bottom paints such as Pettit Hyrdocoat as well as Aquaguard, with excellent results. We also stay up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations regarding waste discharge and other environmental impact issues.

I’d like to charter a large yacht to see if I enjoy the “big boat” experience. Where do I start?

We have an extensive network of yacht and charter brokers who specialize in exactly this type of yachting. Many of our customers charter large yachts (and test different brands) before making a commitment to purchase one. Contact us and we can arrange the charter opportunities you require.

Where can I find new and used yachts for sale?

Yacht World: yachtworld.com

Do you know someone who specializes in Yacht Photography?

Onne van der Wal: vanderwal.com
Edward Jacoby: archi-medias.com